Sunday, September 5, 2010

Asma Al Husna - Free iPhone App

This is my first iPhone App released for free.

This app contains a list of 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, their meanings and special benefits that can be obtained, Inshallah, by the reciter.

Each Name is a Unique Attribute of Allah. The list of Names, meanings and benefits were found in various sites throughout the web so I consider these to be public domain. (if it infringes any copyrights, please let me know)

The free beautiful image used for the app icon was created by Enzuru  and can be  found@

The tab bar icons were created by Joseph Wain @

Download the app and check it out.

Tips for Developers:

Taking Screenshots
  1. Connect your iPhone. 
  2. In Xcode, open Window > Organizer
  3. Select your phone from the left panel under Devices
  4. On the right hide pane, choose Screenshots, you should see a "Capture" Button
  5. Use your iPhone to navigate to any app/screen you want
  6. Click "Capture" button from Step 4
To hide the status bar in your app (for screenshots)
  1. Add the property "Status Bar is initially hidden" and set it to true in your app plist file
  2. Run your app
  3. Take screenshots
Useful Resource on Icons and how/what to include icons for iPhone/iPad apps: